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Gua Sha Facial For Glowing Skin


It would help if you had good care and dedication to get glowing skin. No matter how much makeup you put on, you will never get the happiness that comes with having naturally beautiful skin. Gua sha facial helps you to get naturally beautiful skin. Gua Shah is a Chinese tradition of increasing the flow of energy through the skin. In this technique, a tool (made of jade or rose quartz and cut to fit the face’s contours—in an upward sweeping motion) gently scrapes the skin of the face and neck.

Gua sha facial benefits

This device increases blood circulation in the skin. So this facial is a process that helps to nourish your skin and improve collagen growth.

Reduces facial muscle tension; helps reduce muscle tension by eliminating the adhesion between the tissues that connect the skin and the muscles. Due to these reasons, it is used, gua sha face lifting

Reduces puffiness; Due to the specificity of the gua sha tool’s movement and the pressure it exerts on the skin, it improves lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness. Due to these reasons, I used gua sha for face slimming. These are the critical Gua sha facial benefits.

How to make a Gua sha facial?

These are the steps of Gua sha facial practice

  • facial benefitsFirst prepare base
  • Start at your neck and do sweeping upward movements
  • Start from the center of the chin and clean the gua sha device throughout your jawline till you reach your ear
  • Do the best work with the tool on the cheek.
  • Gently massage under the eyes
  • When we reach the forehead, first start from the eyebrow to the hairlines
  • Gently moisturize.

If there are no problems like itchiness after using Gua sha facial, everyone can use this facial as a daily routine.